In Labor Pains

If I keep up the analogy of opening a restaurant being like having a baby, then I think we’ve gone into labor. And just like when your water breaks and you still have no idea when the actual brith will occur – we feel hopeful but are still are unsure as to when we will open the doors at Esquina (at 801 Massachusetts).

We are getting very close.

The liquor license has been issued. The health department has inspected and approved the kitchen. The equpiment is up and running. Soon the food will be delivered and the cooking will begin. But we need to have our sprinkler system operational (among other things) before the fire marshall will sign off in order open.

I admire those women who go through childbirth naturally (as in, no drugs) but as a tribute to those who order the epidural shortly after they find out they are pregnant, I think that I will go to Demsey’s and have a beer.

I’ll let you know when we have a delivery date.


  1. I happily stumbled upon your blog. I am so thrilled for you and Robert. Reading your entries is bittersweet-it brings back a rush of wonderful memories mixed with the knowledge that life’s momentum is ever changing. The loss of a dear companion, long-time friend’s successes, new restaurant adventures and the girls’ growing up ….there is a familiarity to it all and as always, your grace and elegance shines through.
    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to the next entry!

  2. Molly, I enjoy reading your blog — Mitzi and I look forward to the opportunity of finding ourselves in Lawrence again to visit the new establishment. Guess a Colorado visit is out this spring? Tom

  3. We want to be among the first to dine at Esquina and can’t wait until the baby arrives. We were among the last to dine on Delaware and the fantastic taste lingers on.

    Hope the delivery is fast and….soon.

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