Holiday Tacos


I grew up knowing that my name was quite Irish, and while I heard the name Molly Malone being rolled out with an attempt at an Irish accent and even received small figures of this Molly Malone character from my grandma’s trips to Ireland, I have never really known anything about it.

It turns out that Molly Malone is a famous Irish song from the 1800s, and a statue in Dublin as well. The song tells the tale of a beautiful fishmonger selling her product on the streets of Dublin, but ends sadly as she dies young from a fever. The statue reveals a busty young woman with a wheelbarrow (which incidentally, looks nothing like me).

My strongest associations with St. Patrick’s Day are all things green, parades, and drunken revelry. Food doesn’t play a strong role on St. Patrick’s Day, and although corn beef and cabbage may enter in, when tinged with green food coloring, that is lost on me.

But now I have my Irish namesake to look to – a fishmonger no less – so the obvious way to celebrate is to eat fish tacos today at Esquina. Maybe I’ll see you there?

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  1. jay says:

    My decision of what to eat @ Esquina tonight just got more complicated. Whether I choose the Walu salad or the fish tacos I know both my tasebuds and my tummy will be happy. See you later

  2. Bethie says:

    That figurine Granny gave you was a miniture of the above statue. I remember it living on the shelf of the secretary in the dining room of the house on Woodlawn. I wonder what ever happened to that. You don’t still have it do you?

  3. Joseph Cupp says:

    Hello. Last weekend all of my aunts and my mother came up to lawrence. I have been following your blog, so of course it was a no brainer. Esquania for lunch. It was fantastic. You guys have a great things going, it good for me, for you and lawrence. Good luck!


  4. Molly, I love the Blog, and looking forward to seeing a copy of your cookbook. Sorry to hear about Kate, did they catch it early? Stay in touch, and I’m trying to put together a plan to come back. Soon, I hope.

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