Another offspring?


I am going to break a promise I made to myself not to make any more analogies about opening a restaurant and having a baby. Yes, we’re expecting! We are excited to announce that we have signed a lease for the Casbah market space at 803 Massachsetts, right next door to Esquina. And yes, we have chosen a name – The Burger Stand at the Casbah. We will be moving our burger operation out of its current location at Dempsey’s sometime this summer. We are thrilled for the opportunity to move into this historic building and create a food presence in downtown Lawrence.

We will be opening sometime this summer, but will still be serving out of the Demspey’s location until then. The action around here just never seems to stop. I used to think that there would be a time of quiet, but I now have to admit that I like the action as much as Robert.

Thanks to everyone who expressed concern about the medical diagnosis that I wrote about. My mom Katie started chemotherapy for breast cancer last week and is doing well. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be so close to her. She had her hair shaved off last week (thank you Janie and Diane) before the chemo makes it fall out, and is delighted to have a nicely shaped head. Here is my snapshot of her before she went in for the shave.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shirley Armentrout says:

    WOW! She is really young looking!!!
    And the beat goes on and on and on!
    Prayers continue for her.

  2. Darcey says:

    Please keep us all posted on your mom’s progress. I will definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Matt says:

    Will you be hiring new people at this location? I live on mass st, a few doors down from casbah so i would love to work there

    1. Molly says:

      Way too early to know!

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