Hello my friends…

The last time I posted to The Chef’s Wife it was 2012. In those three years Robert and I have moved further out of the restaurant business; the only food operation we currently have is an interest in is The Burger Stand at the Ale House in Taos, New Mexico. So much has changed in my work life that I contemplated changing the name of this blog. But for now I will keep it, because even if Robert doesn’t wear his chef’s coat anymore, it captures what continues to be a highlight for me – daily life with my man.


I’ve been busy writing, several of my essays have been published (links at www.molly-krause.com) and my novel ‘Joy Again’ will be published this fall. I’m flinging all I’ve got into this and enjoying the ride. Robert has been traveling (ask him about motorcycling in Bhutan or his fishing trips), developing real estate and always looking for the next deal to shake out. Our girls are growing up and enjoying summer break.

I have a lot to look forward to. Two weeks in July in Patmos, Greece to attend a writers salon headlined by Cheryl Strayed! Our annual trip to NYC in August where we combine work and fun. I love the disruption of the normal routine that summer brings. I’m often asked if I miss working in the restaurant business. Long hours on my feet, working most weekends and evenings, time away from my kids – it’s easy to answer no. I don’t miss that, not at all, but I have missed you. Let’s stay in touch…


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  1. Tom Sliver says:

    So sign me up for an autographed copy when the novel is published. Any Colorado plans? We are currently biking from Florence, Oregon to Jackson, Wyoming end at dale and Sharon ‘s.

  2. Terry and Melissa says:

    I’m glad to hear news from you and Robert. Sound like you are enjoying life. We sure miss seeing you both.

  3. Judy Juneau says:

    Good for you, Molly Krause! Keep enjoying life as it happens! Judy Juneau

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  4. Rhonda Melvin-Alvarez says:

    So great to hear about your new adventures!!! Enjoy the ride!! Can’t wait to read your new book!

  5. Bud Burke says:

    We miss seeing you two but it sounds like you have found great ways to live your lives.

    Bud and Debbie Burke

  6. Jacqui & Steve Johnson says:

    Inspiring to hear how you and Robert have followed your visions. It’s a joy to be part of your latticework of friends. We cheer you forward!

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