It’s Not Boring


Four years ago I pulled out one of my favorite quotes from Ruth Reichl when posting about upcoming changes at our former restaurant Esquina. I find I am drawn to it again…

“Moderation in all things is a mantra we’ve been hearing a lot about of late. It is healthy. It is sane. It is morally correct. It is also very boring. I much prefer people with passions. There is nothing more exciting than watching someone fall so deeply in love – with a food, an object, a way of life – that they throw caution to the wind and follow their heart.”

Robert and I put the house we have lived in for the past sixteen years on the market last week. It was here that we brought both of our daughters home from the hospital; where we lived with endless renovations to create a beautiful space; where our home restaurant earned a highlight in Food & Wine; where our daughter is currently learning to park the car in the garage in what is admittedly a tricky angle.


This house has been and is good to us. Even during times of neighborhood strife about our home business, these walls have been a refuge. It is not a light decision to consider parting from them. Yet it feels like the right one. Many of you reading this dined with us as customers in this house, during a wonderful time in our career. Never a fan of moderation, our new ventures have brought changes. Robert is expanding the burger concept in New Mexico (look out Santa Fe!), while I am pursuing a writing career. These changes can be uncomfortable – I’ve stopped doing that which what I have many years of experience and expertise; I now often feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. Robert travels often and we are parenting two teenage girls. But I am grateful – for all of it – and I am certainly not bored.

We plan to stay in Lawrence whether or not or house sells. If you are curious about our house (it’s changed a lot since Krause Dining), here’s a link to the wonderful photos our realtor took of it. 

If you want to keep current about events surrounding the launch of my novel Joy Again, I’ll post them on my website

And finally, thank you for sharing this ride with me. I’ll end with another favorite quote of mine, this one by Sugar aka Cheryl Strayed…

“We’re all going to die, Johnny. Hit the iron bell like it’s dinnertime.”






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