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I saw an advent calendar for sale today. Please, not yet. To quote the writer Gretchen Rubin – the days are long but the years are short. I love this time of year and it’s a busy one, quickly slipping by, with some new beginnings for me. I’m teaching writing at the Lawrence Arts Center, which I love. Look for a Personal Essay class in the class catalogue starting in January. I’ve been writing and had an essay published on NoiseMedium. This one feels pretty personal – I explore issues of identity, family and my hometown of Topeka, Kansas’ Westboro Baptist Church. I share it because I really do believe that the most personal is the most universal 🙂

And we have a new family member in our house – Desi. He’s sweet and young and instantly befriended Lucy. I challenge you to look at this picture and not be overwhelmed by their cuteness.


Love, Molly




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