Justice, Mercy, Humility


One thing I love about teaching writing is how much I learn. One of my adult students brought to class a writing prompt and an opportunity to share our work through her church, Plymouth Congregational Church (their Facebook page reads No matter who you are, you are welcome here).

The assignment was to write a Micah Moment, a short narrative inspired by the themes of justice, mercy and humility from Micah 6:8. I immediately thought of a student at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School where I am serving as writer in residence with the seventh graders. Here is link to the short essay.

Meanwhile, I have completed a draft of my memoir Taking Our Losses. I’ll keep you posted with information about publication.

And Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! My grandma Peggy gave me this pin when I was a little girl and now that she‘s gone it has special meaning for me.


Hope you and yours are well. Love, Molly




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