New friends

I was irritated that our plan was not unfolding as I had wanted it to. I was to fly back to Kansas to be with our older daughter while Robert was to fly to Palm Springs to spend a few days with our youngest; a complicated divide and conquer scenario dependent on flying stand-by. The new plan involved me driving in Los Angeles traffic to get to the beach and I wasn’t excited about that, in fact I was having to manage my anxiety about the whole notion. Instead of festering in my irritation – come on, I get to spend the day at the beach and almost a week in California – I tried redirect my driving neurosis. And since I was going to be in Palm Springs for several more days than I had planned, I decided to call about this sign I had seen at the pool.


So I called and it turns out Toby and his human live right next door to the condo Robert and I are remodeling. Toby – sweet, cute and appreciative of getting outside. Toby’s human – an older man with health conditions that prevent him from getting out. I sat with and talked with my neighbor for over thirty minutes when I realized I had come to walk Toby; I instantly bonded with them both. He gave me tips on a toll road to take to the beach, we chatted about books and he told me about living in Palm Springs for the past twenty years. I visited my new friends next door twice daily, laughing to myself that I was initially irritated to have my plans changed.


And the trip to the beach? The toll road was worth every penny and the day worth any amount of worry about the drive. I’m reminded to hold plans loosely and to be on the lookout for new friends everywhere. Hope your summer is exceeding your expectations. Love, Molly





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  1. thepeachnana says:

    Wise words, expressed beautifully, as usual!

  2. Donna Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Molly, that life is so much easier when we hold it a little more loosely. Very good advice and yet very contrary to how most of us live.

  3. Tom says:

    Thanks for sharing. Tom

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