My next book is a memoir


I love to read – always have – and especially memoirs. Years ago I read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers and for the first time wondered if I could ever write about my family. I was not a writer – I was a reader, I was a restaurateur – yet for over a decade that remained a pulsing thought that was buried beneath the constant activity of feeding my babies and my customers.

This summer I read Textbook by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (a great book, you should read it!) which was especially poignant knowing that the author, a woman around my age, had died of cancer. But then, of course, that’s the ending for us all, isn’t it? And because of that I’m trying to be brave and get busy doing what is being whispered from inside. One of these things is to publish my memoir.


(With my dad John Krider and my sisters Bethie and Nikki)

It was hard to write. Revisiting painful memories alone was difficult; shaping it all into a cohesive narrative was another thing entirely.  I cut two-thirds of what I considered at the time my final draft and started over. I shared my new draft with my mom and my sisters and they told me they were proud of me, an unbelievable gift. Why do I want to make public experiences that were sad or embarrassing and that I hardly ever talk out loud about? I want to bear witness to my own life and to use my experiences and words in the same way that others have done for me. So I decided to put Float Again out into the world.

I’m excited to partner with Flint Hills Publishing for the release of Float On. We are striving for a publication date of December 1st, which is World AIDS Day, in remembrance of my dad. I’ll share more information about the launch event and other happenings as they develop. I look forward to going on this ride with you!

Love, Molly

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  1. jtopin says:

    Congrats on finishing your memoir! What an amazing and challenging accomplishment Look forward to hearing more about it as the release date gets closer.

    1. Molly says:

      Thank you, I’ll keep everyone posted!

  2. David Zlotky says:

    I loved the book you gave us in Artist Inc. I’ll look forward to reading this one.

    1. Molly says:

      Thank you David! I hope all is well with you. Maybe we should organize an Artist INC gathering?

  3. Excited to read this, Molly!
    I started reading memoirs several years ago – Hold Still by Sally Mann as well a everything ever written by Anne Lamott and Mary Carr.
    It takes courage, authenticity and vulnerability to write from a personal space – you should be so proud!
    Can’t wait to read it.

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