Book Club Questions

Molly’s dad told her, “Just do a little every day, it will get done eventually.” She wrote that this was the most practical advice she got from him. What other life lessons do you think she received from her dad?  This is sneak peek at the bonus Book Club Questions at the end of my memoir Float On; it also is a question that has been on my mind. It’s a strange thing to think of questions to ask about yourself in the third person. It’s also interesting to consider answering those questions for yourself, sort-of about yourself.


I’ve written a whole book about my early life, including some difficult times in my family. A life lesson I learned from my dad, taught through some very challenging circumstances, is that life is hard. I don’t mean that in a buck-up-and-take-the-punches kind of way that is delivered from a somber parent in an after-school movie. I mean it like this – the things you want don’t always happen and sometimes things unfold in a way that you really don’t want.

I learned that life is hard when I was young. I am not surprised when things go haywire, in fact, there is some part of me that is often waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I’ve learned a lot from writing about my life too (and I recommend it for everyone, even if it’s only for yourself). When I wrote about my early life I was forced to look at the circumstances as a whole, to put a frame around it all, and to give meaning to those events. Life is hard, yes, but life is also hilarious and boring and sweaty and complicated and easy – and when I look at it all together I can only conclude that it is this – beautiful.

Love, Molly

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  1. Bethie says:

    Molly also learned to always root for the Yankees, to choose butter over margarine and make eye contact.

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