Something I can do and a recipe.


At the risk of bragging, something I can do is make a cookie. As a pastry chef I whisked trays of chocolate chip cookies from the oven to pass to guests while they were still warm; I spread tuile batter paper-thin to shape in to cones for a crisp garnish; I developed a shortbread recipe with a twist for our cookbook. I don’t make cookies often now that I am out of the kitchen but I plan to for an event I’m organizing – Cookie Grab 2018.


(My favorite cookie cookbook and the Krause cookbook.)

Last year this event raised almost $5,000 for Planned Parenthood. It was held on the inauguration day of our current president in an effort to redirect energy towards how we can be of service to others. In the past year even more attention has been given to what hands have grabbed that they shouldn’t have. If we can’t simply have an open palm to receive, or outstretched fingers to offer, if we must grab something, may it be the cookie.

If you are in the area please stop in – Friday January 19th from 5 – 8pm at Essential Goods, 933 Massachusetts Street. For a suggested donation of $50 (cash or check only), receive a box of delectables from some of Lawrence’s finest eateries – Ladybird Diner, The Levee Cafe, Hank, The Roost, Culinaria, Bon Bon, The Merc, Decade, Alchemy, Eileen’s Colossal Cookies, Southern Accent and more! Complimentary wine and coffee, 20% off in-store goodies –  thank you Essential Goods!

Do you support the Planned Parenthood of the Great Plains Mission Statement? Uphold the standard for providing high quality sexual and reproductive health care. Provide education that promotes informed proud and authentic sexuality. Change the culture through proactive advocacy to ensure equality in reproductive and sexual decision-making.

Regardless if you can or want to attend the Cookie Grab, I hope that you will ask yourself some of the questions I’ve asked myself: What are the values I support? What do I know how to do? What can I actually do to be of service?

I wish I could somehow include a cookie with this post. Instead, here’s the savory shortbread recipe from The Cook’s Book of Intense Flavors that I wrote with Robert. I hope you can insert some sweet and service into your day today.

Love, Molly


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