Intro to Blogging


I loved a workshop I taught recently called So You Want to Blog. I wanted to share what I’ve learned about blogging since I started sharing here, originally as The Chef’s Wife. What a journey it’s been! I’ve published three books since I first tested the waters sharing my words with you all. Thank you for receiving them so kindly.

Below is a tip sheet I wrote get you started in thinking about blogging. I hope you find it helpful to use or to share with someone who may be thinking about starting to blog.

Love, Molly


Ten Ways to Thrive in Your Blog

  • Always consider your audience. What are you offering to your reader? How can you interact with them that will improve the moment they are reading your post? Think of you blog as SHARING – whether it’s your ideas, practical information, or inspiration. What value is it for someone to read your post?
  • Act like it’s important. Set realistic goals for yourself on frequency of posting and pretend like you will be graded for it. No one will force you to blog and it may be necessary to put it on your schedule and hold yourself to it.
  • Don’t wait until you are inspired. If you have made to the decision to blog you already have enough inspiration to do it. Waiting for the muses to anoint you is a romantic notion that you can reserve for the inspiration to clean out your closets. Blog anyway.
  • Define a blog posting as at least one photo with some words. My preference is be as tight as possible with your words. Remember that many people are reading your blog from their phone screen.
  • ALWAYS include a photo. My preference is for one you have personally taken and not a stock image, but use whatever is necessary. Your blog is a visual experience and at least one photo will heighten that for your audience. If you don’t want to think about visuals, consider going a difference route like a podcast or Twitter.
  • Keep a running list of ideas. Start a note on your phone or have paper with you or a document on your computer. In my planner I always have a bullet point list of blog ideas I reach to. Consider composing posts and saving them for later so you have a reserve of material.
  • Look for filler topics. These may be posts like reviews of books, movies or products that are aligned with the theme of your blog. They may include an interview with someone you think your audience may find interesting. Perhaps using one of your photos with a quote that you find meaningful. Add these to your list of ideas.
  • Pay attention! Be aware of any news, trends, topics or what people are talking about on social media. These are all opportunities for you to blog. Look for connections about what you are offering to your audience with what is happening in the world and share it.
  • Use social media to help people find you and your blog. You aren’t on social media? Well, you need to be. Choose at least one platform like Facebook or Instagram (wherever most of your friends are) and jump in. It will be fun! Really!
  • Be yourself. People can spot inauthenticity and are not drawn to it. If you don’t use six-syllable words in real life, don’t use them in your blog. If you are funny, bring your sense of humor to your blog. People crave connections but not a phony.

Happy Blogging!



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