How do we remember?


I’ve been thinking about memory a lot lately. Like, why do we remember some things and not others? I can recite how one of my customers took his coffee twenty years ago but fail to recall that we are out of dog food as I’m driving by the store. And why do the painful occasions seem to stick longer in my consciousness than the joyful ones? And how can I be intentional in the way I remember someone who is no longer here?

Part of these questions are surfacing because I am currently writing and recording my video teachings for my online Jump Start Your Memoir course (enrolling now for a September 3rd release, watch a free lesson to get a taste for it!). I’ve really loved gathering the material to share with students on how to be brave and share their truth on the page. Memory can feel slippery sometimes and writing memoir can be an exercise in trusting yourself with what you remember. It can empowering to discover the truths tucked away in your memories. Helping to empower others is one reason that I really love teaching.

Another part of why memory is on my mind is that I’ve been thinking about a couple of loved ones who have died: my dad John Krider in 1996 and my friend Sandra Moran in 2015. I wrote about creating beautiful necklaces with my dad’s ashes for me and my sisters recently. Making an object that we can touch can be a powerful way to ritualize the memory of someone. And while I wrote about our friendship on this blog as she was dying, I’ve been struggling on how to create something more concrete as a tribute for my friend Sandy – until now…

sandyforblog1(Sandy with my daughter Emma)

The Sandra Moran Memoir Writing Scholarship!

The winners of the writing contest will be awarded the full Jump Start Your Memoir Course ($200 value), publication of the winning essay on my blog, and a $15 Walgreens gift card (a remembrance to my dear friend Sandra Moran).

Here are the details:
*Two categories for submissions: Under 18, 18 + over
*Submit a personal essay on the theme of SHARE. 750 word limit on essays, any over will not be considered.
*Email submission in body of email (NOT as an attachment) to –
*Include your name, category (under 18 OR 18+) and email address in body of email.

Other information:
*Winners will be selected by Thea Rademacher, Editor of Flint Hills Publishing and author of A Drop in the Night and Authors Beware.
*Essays will be judged on adhering to theme of SHARE and writing style.
*Submissions close August 15th at midnight, Central time.
*Winners announced by August 31st.
*Jump Start Your Memoir online course begins Sept. 3, 2018.

Please submit or share with someone!

As I consider remembering, I can’t forget the readers of this blog. I’ve been sending my words to you for years now and I truly appreciate you reading them.

Love, Molly

sandyforblog2(I can’t tell you how much I love this one of Sandy…)


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