On Surviving an Election Season (or Life)

The Midterms are over, hallelujah! No matter what political beliefs you hold, I think we surely all must feel glad they are over. I’ve been thinking about how I’ve weathered this season and it turns out that surviving the election season is the same as surviving any time of life that we have limited control over the outcome, which let’s face it, is most of the time.

Here’s how I approached it…

  • Show up  – Look the situation in the eye instead from under the covers. Lean in to the issues we care about and be curious about what we don’t know. The willingness to engage in some way with our interests and gifts in a challenging time can make the difference from despair over a situation and feeling empowered and hopeful.
  • Be true to yourself – Accepting ourselves and trusting our own intuition on what’s important in our lives can be transformative for a peaceful existence. If we can truly be ok with ourselves we are more likely to let others be ok with who they are because it doesn’t threaten us.
  • Protect your time – Say yes to things that make us feel excited and, if it’s possible, no to that which is purely an obligation or fills us with dread. Be aware of the time sucks of 24 hour news and social media.
  • Make something – Create something that didn’t exist before… a favorite photo in a frame, a pot of chili, a sketch of your dog, a couple of sentences in your journal.
  • Widen your circle – Accept an invitation to something you’ve ignored in the past, write a letter to anyone, have coffee with someone you’ve never met with before.
  • Be thankful – Write three things on your calendar that are going right with your day so far, start a gratitude jar, resolve to say ‘thank you’ to people in your day for new reasons.

I spent time this Fall on a project that covered a lot of these points that was very satisfying, organizing a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood with a couple of friends of mine. The first Cookie Grab was held on the inauguration of our current president but we changed it this year to line up with the Midterm Elections. Our third Cookie Grab raised over $5,000 to provide sexual and reproductive health care options for all.

Here are a few photos…



Lawrence, Kansas restaurants generously donated cookies to the Cookie Grab.


My home state of Kansas elected the new Governor Laura Kelly and our state’s first openly gay and Native American Congresswoman Sharice Davids. (Cookies from the Roost in downtown Lawrence.)


Planned Parenthood received every penny that was raised.

I am proud and very thankful for many things, including the readers of my blog – you are very much appreciated.

Love, Molly






3 Comments Add yours

  1. William Stueve says:

    Inspirational advice for all seasons. You speak with a clarity that resonates with your readers and provides meaning to the advice.

    1. Molly says:

      Thanks so much!

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