In defense of taking three hours out of my day to paddle board…

It’s the time of year when I escape whenever I can to get on my stand up paddle board. Now, I’m not an official ambassador or anything for the sport (yet…ahem, hello potential sponsors, allow me to introduce myself…), but I love to be standing on my paddle board. Here’s what I tell myself to justify the time it takes to do it.

  1. I need to practice my floating headstand.
  2. I’d like to be greeted by the fish who leap out of the water to say hi to me.
  3. Because I can handle more wind than I once thought.
  4. To notice the turkey vultures and eagles soaring overhead reminding me that there are other ways for me to fly.
  5. To replenish my depleted vitamin D.
  6. It’s sometimes nice to be out of cell phone range.
  7. Because in not trying to think, figure something out, or produce something, when I’m paddling, I often do.
  8. There’s a chance I might get surrounded by butterflies again.
  9. I have no concern for my appearance when paddling.
  10. I don’t need anyone else to do it, but it’s great with company too.
  11. Since I stopped going to church, it’s where I most feel awe and reverence.
  12. The only cost involved is the gas to get there.
  13. I catch myself smiling when I’m paddling.
  14. I’m not competing for anything.
  15. If I can fall in love with the murky waters of Kansas lakes, then I know anything is possible.
  16. Because I want to and knowing what you really want is not as easy as it sounds.
  17. Because there will come a day when I can’t go and it’s not today.

Maybe I’ll see you on the water?

Love, Molly



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Molly says:

    Nice Molly. Nice photo

  2. thepeachnana says:

    Excellent reasons all!

  3. Tom Slover says:

    Feel the same way about fly fishing. The world outside of the water immediately goes away. It was the only thing I ever did where work just vanished.

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