Anticipation Fulfilled


I get a lot of joy watching our bulbs bloom. Part of it is that I actually planted them (gardening is not something I am particularly drawn to), so that they seem to be part of my creation in a way. Another part of it is that they are a symbol of spring and a much-needed lift to the landscape of a hard winter in Kansas. But as I have found myself checking the progress of the bulbs regularly, and now that my daffodils have finally opened, I realize that part of the joy I receive is based on the fulfillment of the anticipation I have built up.

Daffodils are my favorite. The crocus, being the first to show, is a boost, but the yellow perkiness has it beat for me. I wondered, what foods make me feel the way I feel when I see those first daffodils blooming in my yard? At first, I couldn’t get beyond the color – the yellowness of lemons: lemon bars, lemon souffle, lemonade. Then other spring vegetables came to mind, like the first tender asparagus sold at the farmer’s market.

Then Robert had a wonderful answer when I asked him about culinary applications for the feeling of daffodils. “My first cup of coffee in the morning”, he said. At first I had a hard time seeing the relationship, then it seemed like a brilliant summation of anticipation fulfilled. I suppose it is the same principle that makes ‘playing hard to get’ with other people actually work. When we have to wait for something we want, it seems better. When I have to crack open the shell of a crab leg and dig around for a bite, it tastes better than it would if it were just presented on my plate. Most people don’t wish to actually wait for anything, but I think that I will try to see waiting as an opportunity for increased pleasure when the anticipation is finally fulfilled.

I may need to remind myself of this next time I am put on hold on the phone…


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  1. kristin says:

    I love that Molly!

  2. Bethie says:

    Spring Food Anticipation Fullfilled for me: Coconut cake last night. I always crave it this time of year. I prefer it in the shape of a bunny to really feel spring-y.

  3. Darcey says:

    I totally agree with Roberto (I think it only fitting to add the “o” to his name now that he is the proprietor of a latin restaurant!). I also eagerly anticipate my first cup of coffee in the morning. At the risk of sounding like a tragic old woman, sometimes I even find myself thinking about it the night before as I am falling asleep. Now I just need 14 cats and a used kleenex tucked into the cuff of my shirt sleeve and I am “officially” a tragic old woman!

  4. Dan Schriner says:

    For me, the anicipation of 100-year-old trees leafing out in the spring gives me great pleasure. I watch for it all spring as they come back to life. A great cup of coffee in the morning often gives me goose bumbs, but that’s just the hedonist in me. Food is an experience that absorbs my senses in the moment.

  5. Betsy says:

    I love this Molly! For me, spring is officially here when I see the pale purple blooms on lilac bushes, and they inspire me to make May baskets!!! Happy Spring!

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