Street Food


The family and I are in New York City, doing a lot of cooking – three meals a day for a group of about twenty. Like Kansas, it’s hot here but with the energy and hustle of the city, a different kind of hot (not to mention the sauna-like conditions underground waiting for the subway). And, as much I love this city, one of my favorite parts about it so far is that my youngest daughter has decided that she loves corn on the cob. Granted she has not had front teeth for over two years (they were pulled early) and now that those huge teeth are finally dropping in, she has something to work with. Were strolling down a street fair on Lexington Ave.- the kind with t-shirts for $3, knock-off designer handbags, and piles of cheap sunglasses – negotiating our food options. Robert choose grilled corn on the cob sprinkled with garlic salt, jalapeno butter, lime, and cheese. I went for a giant Nutella and strawberry filled crepe. We devoured it sitting on the sidewalk when Cameron started eyeing the corn. After trying a bite, she was hooked so we went back for more with our sweating, buttery faces. Isn’t trying things we don’t think we like a reason we travel?

Thank you New York, for showing a Midwestern girl that she loves corn.


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  1. Olin says:

    If you have time while in NYC, the Halal cart at 53rd and 6th is amazing street food:

    Make sure you visit the right cart, usually the one with the loooong line…


  2. Connee Shufelt says:

    You need to try The City Bakery on W. 18th….they have a pretzel croissant that is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!

  3. Richard Kershenbaum says:

    Calvin Trillin wrote that the best food in NYC is found along the route of the 7 train in Queens. Hop off the 7 at 90th St. and walk through the wonderful ethnic melting pot toward 74th St. You’ll find Columbian grills, real authentic Mexican food, botanicas selling voodoo potions, street vendors selling sliced fruit. On 74th St. is the best Indian food in the city, and Patel’s huge Indian grocery store. Just past 74th St. is a Korean enclave. And a little further, around 69th St., are Filipino stores and restaurants. This is my favorite place to walk in all of New York.

  4. Diana Lee says:

    How funny that she went all that way to discover she loves something we have so much of right here.

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