Relive a Krause Dining Memory

I’ll admit that since we have closed Krause Dining (our home-based restaurant) there hasn’t been much that I have missed about it – mostly the people: those I worked with and the customers whom I have grown close to. So I was a bit surprised at the feelings I experienced when looking at our cookbook (“The Cook’s Book of Intense Flavors”) – primarily of nostalgia for the Krause Dining days.

There are many photos in the book (it really looks nice!) and all of the photography took place in our house, dining areas, and kitchen. This book was written while we were in full swing serving our many-coursed menus, and while all the recipes themselves were not served at Krause Dining (many were), the book itself does capture a glimpse back at the restaurant.

I run into people often who tell me how much they miss eating at our house. Thank you, and I hope that our cookbook helps relive a fond memory of eating with us. Reliving a good memory extends the pleasure out of any one experience, so I’m all for it! In that spirit, here is a shot of our beautiful girls in New York eating that corn I wrote of recently.

Our autographed cookbook is now available for sale at Esquina (801 Massachusetts) and online.

Do you have any Krause Dining memories you would like to share?


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  1. louannthomas says:

    Molly, I pre-ordered the cookbook as soon as I was able. Just received word today that it has shipped! Can’t wait to see it!! Looking forward to memories of my Krause Dining experiences…always ready to savor the flavors and friendships shared there! Thanks for writing it!

  2. Doris Derrington says:

    Molly and Robert: I miss you guys so much. I’m really eager to have the Topeka place open though I know not to expect you to be there. Molly, tell your mom hi for me. I miss her too. I don’t know if you know, but Arthur has cancer a couple of places, and couldn’t take the chemo. They have told him just to enjoy the time he has left. No one has put a number on that. I can’t believe how big your girls are!

  3. Although too many to choose,we still remember the wedding of Michael,Jr. And Ikuko six years ago.Besides a tremendous Kraue banquet, you arranged the flowers,cake,and photographer! You guys were/are gist the best!

    I have pre-ordered three of your cookbooks and shall want them signed.

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