Writing Recipes


Last year I was able to realize one of my dreams – publishing a book. The Cook’s Book of Intense Flavors is the cookbook that Robert & I wrote, and it was an experience that was incredibly challenging and ultimately hugely rewarding. I also learned the new skill of writing recipes, which is not the same skill as being able to cook something well. In fact, for people who cook really well, recipes often have very little to do with the cooking process. Communicating what you do to create something delicious in a clear and straightforward way, within the structure of what we all recognize as a recipe, is a painstaking process. It requires attention to detail and discipline. And it hopefully results in something yummy.

Recently I thought about writing a recipe for a yummy life. To make the effort to put on paper the ‘ingredients’ that add up to a satisfying daily existence for me. And that’s when I realized one thing I love about recipes – ‘adding to’ instead of ‘taking out’. I mean, have you ever seen a recipe that chastises you to pluck out the peppercorns in the stew before they ruin the dish? Or one that advises you that you probably added too much paprika and you’re going to need to do something about it? No, a recipe gently guides you to yumminess by telling you what you do want in the dish, because it knows how good it will be. Proactive and positive – two great aspects of recipes to incorporate into prioritizing life.

I’ve shared a dysfunctional relationship I share with tortilla chips (Oh, the things you say!), and even after I have just come off of a Lenten break of them (to show them who is boss), I will not banish them from my ‘recipe’ of eating. No, I’ll add a dash of tortilla chips to keep things crunchy and yummy in life. I want life to be so full of the things that bring true satisfaction that I don’t need to focus on what not to do. A work in progress…

1 cup spiritual time
1 cup laughing with husband
1 cup playing with daughters
1/2 cup rewarding work
1/2 cup conversations with friends and family
1/4 cup sweaty exercise
1/4 cup reading an awesome book
1/4 travel for adventure & relaxation
2 T black coffee
1 T fruits & veggies
1 T tortilla chips, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, or Honey Nut Cheerios
a generous dash of gratitude sprinkled over it all


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  1. Don Wenger says:

    Molly ‘n Robert, we just received your most current Spring blessing labeled “Writing Recipes”! It’s beautifully done. Your gift goes well beyond that of the kitchen. Thank you for sharing it with us and hope to see you again soon.

    Don & Kitty Wenger
    Sabetha, Kansas

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