I received a new phone for Mother’s Day – a shiny touch screen hand-held computer that I have finally learned how to use (sorry if I accidentally called you in the last week). The arrival of this new equipment in my life ushers in the realization that I will no longer need some of the tools that I have relied upon in the past. Instead of letting these items drift out of use and get covered in dust behind a drawer, I have decided to say a proper goodbye to them.

Digital camera, thanks for recording the memories of the last five years – birthdays, vacations, building projects, restaurant openings & closings. Thanks for the memories, but with a camera on my phone I’m worried I may never need you again. Nothing personal, really.
Alarm clock, I really don’t mind saying goodbye. You don’t offer me a selection of less annoying sounds to wake up to, and the way your red LCD numbers read has been getting on my nerves for a long time now.
Calculator, we haven’t always gotten along, sometimes the numbers haven’t added up in my favor but overall you’ve done me right. I’ll let my daughters play with you so you aren’t lonely.
Timer, you have saved me a thousand times from burning my work. You were always reliable, I won’t forget that.
Calendar, we’ve had our issues with your insistence that I actually look at you to be reminded of an appointment. My new calendar has a reminder bell feature. I think we may get along better.
VCR, I know my new phone has nothing to do with your replacement, but I’ve realized that I never said goodbye. Thanks for all the viewings of “Jerry Maguire” when I was nursing babies. You had me at hello, you really did.

Cooking gadgets and fads come and go (savory foam, sous vide, etc.) and while we may have apps on our phones that can give us a calorie count, a restaurant review, or recipe alternative, the act of cooking is not in danger of becoming obsolete. We all have to eat and some of us like to do it. And if we must eat, let us eat cake. Here is a photo of a flourless chocolate torte with meringue that I just made, and yes I took this picture with my new phone…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rhonda Melvin-Alvarez says:

    You could frame that 🙂 piece of art…..

  2. jay says:

    I’ll be over soon! Looks fabulous!

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