Spring Cleaning

My house has a lot windows. I mean, a ridiculous amount of them, but they help create the modern look that Dan Rockhill designed as an addition to contrast our old stone house. The effect is striking – I love it.


Cleaning these windows is no joke. But with a beautiful weekend of weather and a good system in place, Robert and I tackled the job. And through the repetition of pulling the squeegee and buffing the drips I got philosophical…

Windows both reveal and separate. They let the light in but keep the bugs out. They let you see but prevent you from feeling what is on the other side. You can be behind one, appreciating what is on the other side, and not even realize that the film covering it prevents you from seeing fully.

If they eyes are the windows to our soul, cleaning windows has made me think about this expression from the perspective of keeping my own eyes clean. We can be tempted to try to figure a person out by seeing something in their eyes. I however, want to be concerned with keeping the film off of my own, so that my soul may be better able to take in the world around me.

So I pause. I breathe. I sometimes meditate. I smile more. I turn away from the screen and towards the sunshine. I close my eyes to let them rest. All so that I may see what is on the other side more clearly.

Love, Molly



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  1. Clear vision of our world is so important

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