Happy Humans Day

When I was twenty-seven years old I had been trying to get pregnant for a while with no success. I had previous surgeries because of endometriosis and ovarian cysts and felt insecure about my fertility. This was a tender issue for me. When my dear friend and cousin called to tell me she was pregnant with her second child, I congratulated her and really wanted to be happy for her, but I quickly hung up and the phone and cried.

I did end up getting pregnant twice, but I can’t help but to think of those who long for a child around Mother’s Day. I can’t help but to think of those who have lost their mothers due to death or estrangement. I wonder how we can both honor the mothers of the world and still be sensitive to the people for whom these reminders are painful.


So I think I’m going to pull back from verbalizing Happy Mother’s Day to everyone except my own mom. I’ll be tuned in to those who might need a small act of love around this time. More sensitivity and fewer assumptions. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend my friends.

Love, Molly


  1. Thank you, Molly for the very sensitive thoughts. My mother passed away about a month ago so Mother’s Day has a new meaning this year. My mother was a great lady and lived to be 94 so mostly, I’ll be happy on Sunday thinking of the gift that she was and honoring my living mother-in-law and my wife who gave us two great kids. – David

  2. Thank you Molly. We never know what struggles other people have. We always need reminders to be thoughtful, and sensitive.

  3. What a great reminder Molly, thank you! I have women in my life who celebrate a bittersweet Mother’s Day and I’m ashamed to say I often forget to practice sensitivity. Happy Humans Day!

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