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I saw an advent calendar for sale today. Please, not yet. To quote the writer Gretchen Rubin – the days are long but the years are short. I love this time of year and it’s a busy one, quickly slipping by, with some new beginnings for me. I’m teaching writing at the Lawrence Arts Center, which I love. Look for a Personal Essay class in the class catalogue starting in January. I’ve been writing and had an essay published on NoiseMedium. This one feels pretty personal – I explore issues of identity, family and my hometown of Topeka, Kansas’ Westboro Baptist Church. I share it because I really do believe that the most personal is the most universal 🙂

And we have a new family member in our house – Desi. He’s sweet and young and instantly befriended Lucy. I challenge you to look at this picture and not be overwhelmed by their cuteness.


Love, Molly



Special Workshop Opportunity

I am so excited to be collaborating with two creative and talented artists to host this special event!


Renew & Reveal Creativity Workshop

Reconnect and relax into a day of creativity! Set aside a day to rejuvenate the parts of you that often get neglected in the busyness of life. Join with others to stimulate your creativity through exercises in both movement and writing. We will alternate between exploring expression through the body and the mind, giving participants opportunities to try new activities in a nurturing environment. A light, nourishing lunch will be catered. No writing or movement experience necessary. Please bring paper, pen, a yoga mat, and wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in.

Saturday, September 17th, 9-4, Delaware Street Commons 1222 Delaware St. $99 early registration until Aug. 15, $130 after, includes lunch and beverages. Pre-registration required with limited spaces available. Write with questions and registration.

Group Facilitators:

Paige Comparato danced with Ballet Midwest in Topeka, KS and continued her ballet training at Texas Christian University in Forth Worth, TX for two years before returning to Kansas University to pursue a degree in Art History. Paige taught at Barbara’s Conservatory of Dance and Copeland’s Gymnastics before joining the Lawrence Arts Center staff. She has taught in the Arts-based Preschool, visual art classes at the Arts Center and is the former Dance Program Coordinator for the Lawrence Arts Center Dance Program.

Molly Krause ( turned to a career in writing after nearly two decades in the restaurant business. She co-authored the cookbook The Cook’s Books of Intense Flavors. Her debut novel Joy Again was published in May 2016 by Bedazzled Ink and her essays have appeared in The Manifest-Station, Ten to Twenty Parenting, and Brain, Child. Adult ballet class is a highlight of her week.

Cathy Patterson ( studied dance in Los Angeles and New York, and attended numerous dance conventions. She continued her dance education at the University of Kansas where she received a degree in Human Biology with an emphasis in dance. After spending years performing, most recently she has been busy choreographing and teaching master classes across the nation, in addition to adjudicating dance competitions. She feels her most appealing attribute is her passion and love for dance.


Wasabi, roses, books and great dirt.

Last Thursday I realized a moment too late that I was driving straight past my exit off of I-70 coming back from Topeka. I thought it was the second exit that puts you out on to Iowa Street when I realized that it was indeed the East Lawrence exit, my exit – the exit I have turned on to a million times – that I was whizzing past. I had a lot on my mind.

It was a busy week with promotional speaking for my novel Joy Again. The Thursday I missed  my exit I was speaking at one of my favorite places, The Lawrence Public Library.


Behind the wheel of my Volvo station wagon, I was mentally reviewing what I would say about why I wrote this book, the process I went through to publish it and trying to dredge anything else up that might be deemed interesting. I admired my dog Lucy’s shave in the rear view mirror (so pretty!) as I thought about the morning in Topeka.

I had accompanied my mom to her vet’s office earlier to put her beloved dog Cocoa to sleep. Over all of our combined years neither of us had gone through this experience. Cocoa was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel she adopted from a rescue. She was a faithful companion – completely deaf, always hungry (she would get into uncooked oatmeal at our house) and affectionate. Her passing was about as peaceful and loving as any I can imagine; it was also sad. It made me long for a different end for Bear, our precious ‘firstborn’ who died years ago while we were in London. We had picked him up when we returned to town – the vet had frozen his body so we could bury him and he was in a black plastic trash bag. Cocoa was wrapped in a soft coral towel of my moms, the weight surprisingly heavy as I carried her to the car. We drove to my aunt Mimi’s house where she has a lovely shaded area in her large backyard that many of her animals have been buried. My mom brought flowers from her garden, their aroma sweeter and stronger than any I have experienced.


The Shelton sister wore gardening boots as it was muddy from recent rains; I had not had such foresight as my grey sneakers got smeared. We remarked on the fabulous dirt as I dug – thick, dark, dense and rich. It seemed anything should be able to grow there. When the tears seemed over, we said our final goodbyes and went for donuts.

I thought of my signature dessert as a pastry chef: Apple-celery granita was layered atop vanilla panna cotta in a champagne flute. A wasabi glaze drizzle and pinch of black Hawaiian salt accented the layers and the presentation was finished with a dried Granny Smith apple chip and candy sugar sticks. (Link to recipe)  This dish was special because it was interesting, a study of contrasting flavors and textures. Icy against the creamy, sweet mingles with spicy, salty and tart collide, celery as dessert. In the end it ending up tasting good, even delicious.

So maybe because the morning was intense and sad and tearful I was able to enjoy this moment a few hours later even more…


Aren’t they awesome, these friends who showed up at the library that night? Because all I had to do to get back to Lawrence after missing my exit was go a little bit out of my way and turn around. Maybe it was the right path after all.

Love, Molly

I say Pecha, you say Kucha…

What an honor and a pleasure to be part of the Artist INC Lawrence community with a group of such richly talented artists. Our final class culminated in each of us giving a presentation (called a Pecha Kucha) on stage of the Lawrence Arts Center. It is a format used to prevent blathering on about one’s work that features 20 slides, set to a timer of 20 seconds each. We did a slightly abbreviated version of 15 slides. I wish I could post all of the Pecha Kuchas from last night – they were so thoughtful, funny, fascinating and inspiring. I’ll share a link to my audio version below.

Hope to see you over the next couple of days at one of my readings for my novel Joy Again. Check out the details at

Love, Molly




When I think of being in an inspiring environment I think of water. The kind of water that goes as far as eye can see, as though it will never meet solid ground. The kind of water that doesn’t exist in the native prairies of my Kansas homeland. The kind of water that clearly exerts its own will.  Sometimes – when I’m lucky – I find myself in the force of such creative waters and all I can do is surrender. That’s the beautiful thing about feeling inspired – it happens without trying.  Lately I’ve found myself in two such environments and couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences.

I went to Boston last week for The Muse and The Marketplace writer’s conference. I thought about what makes a good sentence (like the opening to The Glass Castle, “I was sitting in a taxi, wondering if I had overdressed for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom rooting through a dumpster.”); listened to the wisdom of authors Christa Parravani and Colum McCann;  reunited with and met new friends. My mind is swirling with all that I want to capture with words. I attended this conference because of the influence of Alysia Abbott, whose memoir Fairlyland you should read; the book had a profound influence on me and my willingness to be public about losing my father to AIDS. I am still trying to process all I heard and learned in Boston!


Participation in the Artist INC class has been the other source of my inspiration. I applied for the class in part to honor my friend Sandra Moran who died quickly from cancer last year. I talked with her about the class before she got sick because she completed the Kansas City version and recommended it for me. When I was selected for the eight week seminar that teaches professional development and business training for artists, I was happy but also sad, because I miss my friend. This group, however, leaves me excited and energized every week as we gather to strategize and dream together. Thank you Artist INC!

And while that priceless feeling of being moved to create something often bubbles to the surface without forcing it, we do have get ourselves close the shoreline for it, don’t we? I remind myself to be near the people I admire, to listen more than I speak, and to be brave enough to step in – no matter if I can see the bottom or not.

Love, Molly

ps – keep current on events and such at


Events, events, events!

I’m excited that my novel Joy Again is listed as in stock on Amazon. THANK YOU to those who pre-ordered; it should be en route. I wanted to share some upcoming events surrounding the launch of Joy Again. I would love to see you!

TOPEKA – Friday May 6th, 5:30-8pm, Warehouse 414 First Friday Art Walk – I’ll be selling and signing copies.

LAWRENCE – Thursday May 12, 7pm, Lawrence Public Library – I’ll read from the book and the Raven Book Store will be on hand selling copies.

KANSAS CITY – Saturday May 14, 2pm, Night Blooms Book Store – I’ll read from the book and copies will be available for sale.

I’ll also keep my website current with events if you want to check there.

If your book club wants to read Joy Again, I’d love to be a guest and here’s a reader’s guide.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the support you’ve extended to me.

Love, Molly